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    Do you like to hunt Whitetail deer? Hunt With Russell offers a wide variety of Texas Whitetail deer hunts, to include managed high-fence Whitetail, Hill Country free range Whitetail and free range South Texas river bucks.
Texas is known for the fantastic Whitetail hunting. Our ranches cover the rolling Hill Country of Central Texas and the thick brush country of South Texas. Guided hunts are available in our hunt packages. All of our hunt packages include transportation to and from the blinds, guide fees, meals, field preperation of your trophy and transportation to the local taxidermist or processing plant. We have both morning and evening hunts from ground pop-up or box blinds. It is not uncommon to see many deer at your hunting location both bucks and does. We do not have any tree stands. Our free range Whitetail hunts are located in the same areas where a variety of game animals abound. Such as free range exotics, Rio Grande Turkey, Feral hogs and varmints.

    Hunt With Russell simplifys Whitetail hunting by offering size and price specific hunting locations to fit your hunting budget. Let's make Whitetail hunting fun. We offer pre-sold packages with the option to upgrade. You decide your budget for the type of trophy you want. Our hunting guests do not have to worry about guide estimate accuracy or trophy price fluctuations. YOUR TROPHY IS YOUR CHOICE ACCORDING TO YOUR BUDGET.

    With established game management practices in place this allows us to offer a unique selection in well managed free range whitetail hunts. Wildlife management practices in Texas are always a challenge. From drought, floods, heat and occassional cold winters successful ranch managers must be willing to adapt to wildlife needs in this trying enviroment. Because of our experience and history in ranch and wildlife management we differ from other hunting operations. We are from here, we live here, this is our home and we take pride in our responsibility to maintain these Texas heritage ranches. RUSSELL ROGERS

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