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    We are fortunate to have an assortment of many different species of game to hunt. From wild feral hogs, Rio Grande turkey, doves, ducks and many different types of varmints on our ranches. We encourage you to come with an appetite for variety.

     Hogs are not the easiest beast to harvest. Shot placement is very important! The feral hog population in Texas has exploded in the past decade. These animals are the most aggressive and numerous population of predators we have in this area. They have no natural predators here in the hill country, and they are highly prolific with an aggressive attitude towards other game animals and livestock. Feral hogs are extremely nomadic and tend to be nocturnal. We have a tremendous opportunity to harvest hogs of all sizes during the day and at night. We are set up for nocturnal hunts with low intensity green lights, buckshot in shotguns are most effective for night hunting. Hog hunting is available year-round.

    Because fur prices and fur sales in this area have been non existent for many years, the varmint population has exploded as well. Our game animals are constantly under predation pressure from the likes of coyotes and bobcats. Our smaller varmints such as raccoon, opossum, skunks and ringtail cats have increased in numbers also.

    Both our Gillespie and La Salle county ranches have very good populations of Rio Grande turkey. We have two available turkey seasons designated by the Texas Parks & Wildlife. We have both a spring and fall season. Turkeys on these ranches are nomadic but due to our abundance of natural and improved water impoundments these flocks remain in the area on a year-round basis. Our turkey harvest management is very important to us, therefore we are selective on the number of turkey hunts that we offer on these ranches. These hunts are booked early, so I encourage you not to hesitate in booking your trips. Our typical turkey hunt consists of both guided and self-guided hunts. We encourage you to practice your turkey calling ability.

    La Salle county is within the central flyway for water fowl. Many species of ducks frequent our lakes and water impoundments on the migratory trek south. Species such as Mallard,Gadwall, Widgeon, Blue-wing Teal, Canvas-Back, Pintail, Ring-neck, Spoon-Bill and Green-wing Teal to name a few. We strictly follow all game regulations.

    Dove hunting in South Texas, as with anywhere in Texas, can be fast and furious. Mourning, White-wing and Asian Ringneck Doves populate our fly-ways. There is nothing like grilled Dove stuffed with jalapeno and cheese followed by a nice cold adult beverage. Because of our fantastic accomodations in South Texas we can offer multiple day hunts, catering to both corporate and family style preferences.

    To expand our selection of hunting opportunities we are excited to include an assortment of upland bird hunting options. Upland bird hunting is some of the most exciting and challenging hunting available on our ranches. Specializing in european driven hunts and tower releases. Currently we are offering both Chukar Partridge and Ringneck Pheasant. The ranch does not maintain hunting dogs at this point in time, and only in designated areas will client dogs be allowed.
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